New Policy Brief on the Impact of Green Infrastructure on Ecosystem Services

In cooperation with Jennifer Hauck and the newest member of the CoKnow team Jenny Schmidt the policy brief "Green infrastructure within agricultural landscapes strengthens the supply of ecosystem services" was written.

The BiodivERsA policy brief presents the results of individual projects which show that agricultural landscapes in Europe are becoming increasingly uniform and that biodiversity and ecosystem services are being lost as a result. Green infrastructure, also in agricultural landscapes, can counteract this trend. However, it was also shown that the current EU agricultural policy does not effectively support the implementation of the GI in the Member States.

The dossier offers solutions for improving landscape heterogeneity and for developing EU, national and local policies that support the development of GIs and the introduction of such measures by farmers.

Two CoKnow publications, among others, provided the basis for this policy brief: Schmidt & Hauck and Hauck et al.
Here you can download the report.