Organizing demand-driven research

“Organizing demand-driven research” was the course title, which we had the pleasure to teach for DAAD students in December 2023 using the DAAD learning management system DIGI-FACE. In two sessions of 3 hours, we taught participants about the specificities of demand-driven research and transdisciplinary research processes as well as the key requirements for stakeholder engagement. We likewise presented different approaches to stakeholder analysis and evaluation of stakeholder engagement and introduced various tools and methods to engage stakeholders in person and online. Through the course, students learnt how to provide peer-to-peer feedback on choosing a transdisciplinary approach for their own research.

Students from all over the world joined the course and engaged in a lively mix of activities, such as short theoretical inputs, group discussions, online whiteboards, polls and quizzes, and developed a short concept of a transdisciplinary approach for their own research.

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