IPBES expert group discusses further development of "Nature Futures"

From 25.06.2018 to 28.06.2018, the IPBES expert group has met on scenarios and models, based on the latest report to advance the development of "Nature Futures", the new IPBES scenarios. Jennifer Hauck from CoKnow brought in the perspective from West Africa through her expertise and as part of the expert group (see also WABES project)

The goal is to develop multi-scale scenarios for biodiversity. These scenarios are a standard approach to assess changes in the benefits of human nature over a longer period of time and to facilitate coordination between countries and regions.

The first workshop to support the development of these global biodiversity scenarios took place in September 2017 in Auckland, New Zealand. At this workshop, a group of diverse stakeholders (including academics, governments, industry, local communities, indigenous people and biodiversity organizations) developed the first draft of biodiversity scenarios.

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