CoKnow accompanies the first INTERNAS workshop

Important environmental issues, such as the constant loss of biodiversity and natural habitats, are discussed globally through various intergovernmental coalitions such as the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform IPBES. While such assessments play an important role in global policy processes, the results flow much less frequently into national discussions, as there is often no scientific categorization based on political needs.

With its participative, dialogue-oriented approach to consulting, INTERNAS wants to better prepare the current international assessments and their analyzes, options for action and their political significance for national policy advice in order to make them more applicable. At the same time, this should strengthen the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals at national and international level.

The aim is to develop a standardized process for the transfer of international assessments into the German political context with the involvement of relevant stakeholders and to establish them as a process.

CoKnow supports this process and took over the moderation of the first INTERNAS Workshop on the Europe & Central Asia Assessment IPBES: Importance and consequences for politics, administration and economy in Germany. CoKnow also took part at the follow-up workshop on 12.11.2018 in Berlin.


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